Working on a farm is hard. At Ag Krane, it’s our goal to make it simpler. Though the Ag Krane product line was introduced in 1990, our company has a history of agricultural equipment that stretches back another thirty years, to the 1960s. We pride ourselves in helping people save time and money through smart, versatile engineering.

Our signature product is the Ag Krane, a farmer’s best friend for lifting and hauling.  Designed to be attached to any three point hitch tractor, every Ag Krane model can be used with tractors of various horsepower without losing any functionality. They have a high capacity—lifting up to 4,000 pounds on the forks and maxing out at up to 19,000 pounds on the lift lugs—and a long reach—up to 10 feet on the MSL-120HDXL model. With so many useful features, it’s easy to see why the Ag Krane won OEM Magazine’s “OEM Emmy” for Technological and Innovative Excellence in 1995, a few short years after its introduction.

In this blog we hope to offer you the latest news about our company and products, as well as articles of interest about developments in agricultural equipment. Check back here often and stay updated on all things Ag Krane.

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