Which bale mover is right for your Ag Krane? Both of our free-standing products are category 2 or 3 Quick Hitch compatible. They have adjustable spear spacing and heavy-duty spring steel forged forks. After on-farm testing and usage, we have found these two options to be really all the ones you need when deciding upon a bale carrier. There is no need to scroll through endless pages of bale carriers at a higher cost when you can choose between carrying two or three bales at a time for an affordable price. To decide between these two, you’ll only need to know two things: your budget and your needs.

  1. Our Two Bale Carrier MBT-2 is equipped to carry two bales at a time at the price tag of $1650.00
  2. Our Three Bale Carrier MBT-3 is equipped to carry three bales at a time at the price tag of $2150.00

Ag Krane is a family-owned, award-winning farming manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing farmers with the products they need at a lower cost than most large manufacturers. Visit www.agkrane.com to view our products, learn more about our company, and/or contact our professional team.

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