Ag Krane is a smarter investment than front-end loaders for multiple reasons. Our products had multiple changes in design after on-farm testing and use to ensure the smartest design possible. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in an Ag Krane over front-end loaders:

  1. Cheaper Cost – Front-end loaders can cost up to $23,000, and that doesn’t include the additional $2,000 price tag to add mechanical self-leveling. An Ag Krane cost starts at $3,070 and includes the self-leveling feature in 3 Ag Krane models.
  2. Versatile – Numerous loaders aren’t recommended for front wheel assist tractors over 180 H.P., or any large 4-wheel drive tractors. Ag Krane can assist tractors over 180 H.P. and handle the biggest 4-wheel drive tractor. Ag Krane also has a further/higher reach than loaders.
  3. Smarter Design – The Ag Krane can be attached in 2 minutes and removed even faster, whereas quick attach loaders take 10-20 minutes to hook up. In addition to fast access, the Ag Krane lifts from the rear axle – which is the strongest part of your tractor.

Ag Krane will save you money while giving you access to a smarter design for your tractor. To learn more about us or view our products, visit

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