On or off the farm, working with heavy machinery presents inherent dangers. The right equipment can do a lot to reduce those dangers, however.

Design Features

Front-loaders have one of their biggest design flaws, at least when it comes to safety, right in their name. They are designed to be attached to the front of the tractor. Not only is the tractor the weakest in the front, but the nose of the tractor can interfere with your visibility. When you are using forks to lift pallets or hay bales on the ground in front of your tractor, you’ll have a hard time lining everything up correctly. The Ag Krane, on the other hand, attaches to the rear of the tractor, where it is strong and your visibility is unimpeded.


In order to make sure that they are safe, Ag Kranes are engineered and tested to withstand side load equal to the lift capacity. The main pivot point pins are machined with a .010 to .015 tolerance preventing side sway, when carrying loads over rough terrain. For instance, the MSL-096HD will withstand 4,000 lb. side load at the fork frame without damage to the Ag Krane. All Ag Kranes have 2″ machined carbon steel greasable pins at the main pivot points.

If you’re looking for some of the most versatile, most efficient, and safest agricultural equipment on the market today, take a look at the Ag Krane.

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